Pat Patrick Star Is A friend of spongebob And Is 35 years old.


Patrick is A 34 year old starfish who acts like a 2 year old, he has spongebob as a friend and Patrick Never reads and he Has promblems With his family, Patrick was Born June 7th 1975 and he is 36 years old, He never listens to anyone, when he was 12 years old, He Told his mom to barf on someones house when he was 12 years old, During the show, Patrick is shown to be smart as shown in Timeline

1976: Patrick was born on February 26th 1976. 1978: Patrick ate his first pizza piece 1980: He wants a nephew and niece 1983: He thinked of being a angry bar owner 1990: Before the series began Patrick learned to be a angry bar owner 1995: He was animated by syephen hillenbrug 1999: He appeared in the first episode of season 1 Help wanted 2001: Patrick talked for the firswith his life


"Hey SpongeBob"

"Tarter sauce

Sandy cheeks

Episode ApperanceEdit

All of them! Info box charcter =

Status = Dead

Age = 32 (Season 1) 35 presnet